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Mauritius Climate

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Mauritius Climate is tropical in nature. The summer months start from November and ends in May. The temperature hovers around 25 to 33 degree Celsius in the coastal belts and it revolves around 20 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius in the plateau regions. The winter starts from May and concludes in October. Winters are generally hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 24 degree Celsius in the coastal area to 19 degree in the plateaus. The temperature of water hovers around 22 degree Celsius in winter and 27 degree Celsius in the plateaus. July is the coolest and February is the warmest month. Profuse rainfall occurs from the month of January to March. Mauritius is susceptible to Tropical cyclones. Sunrise takes place at 5.00 am and 6.00 am during summer and winter. Sunset takes place at 7 pm and 5.30 during summer and winter. This climate is perfect to plan holidays to Mauritius and for newly weds to plan Honeymoons in Mauritius.

Ideal climate for tourists:

Here you can know more about the best time to travel to Mauritius. The climate of Mauritius is conducive for the tourists who are willing to indulge in adventure sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc. The tropical climate of Mauritius is the key factor in wooing hordes of tourists from across the world to plan holidays in Mauritius. The cozy climate of Mauritius augments the beauty of the place indirectly and is partly responsible for the popularity of Mauritius as a tourist destination. Every year hundreds and thousands tourists board flights to Mauritius to come here and spend great vacations with their family and friends.

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