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Coral Reefs in Mauritius

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Mauritius is especially known for coral reefs in the eastern part of Madagasgar. The coral reefs in Mauritius are found in the pristine beaches of Mauritius. The coral reefs bespeak of the invigorating and soul elevating beauty of Mauritius. The exquisite lagoons with a greenish tinge are created as a result of the coral reefs. The lagoons provide a mesmerizing beauty by virtue of its amazing color. The surf reaching the golden sands of the beaches create a sparkle which shines with a scintillating brilliance.

The coral reefs boast of a plethora of marine flora and fauna. The tourists can witness the labyrinth of marine life by a submarine. The coral reef is divided in many zones of Mauritius. The coral reefs exude a mystic, soulful and enticing beauty. The tourists also indulge in water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc. The 160 kilometer long coral reef is dotted with beaches and lagoons. The exquisite beauty of the reefs adds a romantic aura to it. The tourists can explore the aquatic flora and fauna by communing with the marine milieu. The coral reefs are the breeding ground for the aquatic animals.

The clown fish, butterfly fish, dolphins, sharks, eels are some of the aquatic species thriving in the coral reef.

Preservation of Coral Reef:
Mauritius Government has adopted special steps to prevent damage to the endangered reefs. They submerge the vessels under water to protect the endangered coral reef. Ship wrecks are transformed to corals in 5 years which attract the fish.

The serene and the unadulterated ambiance of the reef elevate the soul of the tourists and provide them the golden opportunity to be engaged in adventure sports. The marine flora and fauna are also benefited because of the coral reefs .The coral reefs are instrumental in maintaining the ecological balance.

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