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Mauritian Cuisine

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Mauritian cuisine encapsulates culinary delights of various countries as it is a cosmopolitan place. The Mauritian foods range from Indian, Chinese, Mughlai to French. Tomato is an important ingredient which is used to cook Creole cuisine. Garlic, ginger, onion and chillies are other ingredients preferred by the people of Mauritius to serve their epicurean delights. Prawns are wild boars constitute an integral part of the French cuisine in Mauritius. Sea food and fish are the favorite Chinese items. The spices are prepared in homes and they emanate a special aroma when applied to the food. The vegetables and fruits are also preferred by the people of Mauritius. The mouth watering delicacies cater to the gastronomic delight of the gourmet from across the world. The variety of cuisines available in Mauritius caters to the taste buds of a wide spectrum of food buffs.

The biriyani is a popular among the Mughlai dish in Mauritius. It is a rice preparation with oil, aromatic spices and meat. The aroma of biryani attracts the salivating and drooling gourmets. The Chinese preparation with a variety of sauce is a gastronomic delight for the foodies. The stews and salads of octopus are the other mouth watering delicacies of Mauritius. French cuisine includes the preparations of rabbits and hare in red wine. The gourmets can taste a wide variety of epicurean delights in Mauritius. The Mauritian food is another mouth watering delicacy. The people of Mauritius indulge themselves by savoring a delectable array of food items including a wide variety of desserts.
Some of the popular food items of Mauritius are given below:

Civet de Lievre or Lapin (Hare or rabbit in Red Wine)
Octopus Salad
Poisson aux Fines Herbs (Fish in Tomato)
Garlic Prawns (Crevettes a l'aļoli)
Beef with Vegetables
Gratin de Morue (Salt Cod with Mashed Potatoes)
Beef with Mushrooms in Red Wine
Beef Biryani (Mari Bon)
Mines Frire (Mauritian Chow Mein)
Beef Biryani (Traditional)
Octopus Curry

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