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Best Season to Visit Mauritius

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Mauritius has a tropical climate throughout the year and is favorable for the tourists to visit it throughout the year. The place brims with tourists throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Mauritius is from the month of July to September. The season of winter starts from July and concludes in September. The winter is the best season to visit Mauritius as the temperature during the day is tolerable. The humidity and the soaring temperature of summer diminish gradually in winter. The tourists are advisable to avoid the summer season which is very hot and humid. The winter is also devoid of rainfall. Christmas season witness a huge rush of tourists to Mauritius because of the festive spirit and the tendency of tourists to splurge.

Best seasons in Mauritius for scuba divers:

The scuba divers can visit Mauritius during the month of December to March. June to August is the months conducive for surfing while the period from October to April is favorable for fishing.
The months from January to April are prone to bouts of cyclonic attack. Summer season from December to May shall have to be avoided because of the soaring temperature, the sweltering heat and the high humidity. The period from July to September is ideally the best time for the tourists to visit Mauritius. The pristine beauty of the beaches coupled with the cool breeze of the palm trees and the moderate temperature with diminished humidity will enable the tourist to experience the soul elevating and invigorating charm of Mauritius during winter.

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